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An absolute pleasure

“Working with Andris was an absolute pleasure for those few months we worked together. He joined us as a freelance designer in a chaotic period when the company was left without any designers, and with an extremely long list of things to do and fix immediately. He’s a talented designer with skills that reach beyond just design as he’s always looking for ways to push the boundaries of how we can make our product better, and how we as a company and as a team can deliver faster.”

“He played a huge role in building a new design library and also redefining the ways of working with the frontend developers. He helped us explore new tools that enable the teams to work more efficiently. I can’t say enough good things about Andris.”

We couldn’t be happier

“Andris has been working for us as a freelance UX/UI designer for 9 months. Over the months he has helped us transform the look and feel of our software platform, TCES Community and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

“We were impressed with Andris’s work from the very beginning, throughout he has been very organised in his approach and always got his work done in the timescale stipulated. Thanks to Andris we now have an improved solution that can be navigated with ease and is more aesthetically pleasing to our users.”

“Without question we would recommend Andris to any organisation looking for a designer in the future.”

Capable & consistent

“Andris’ work has always been bang on the mark. It was apparent very quickly that he was trustworthy, very capable and consistent in delivering the same high level of standards that we as an agency demand. Andris’ work, which includes heuristic evaluations, typography reviews, A/B testing plans and UX redesign/mockups/wireframes, has always been very well received by our clients as it has always been supplied with supporting evidence for why an on site element should be addressed.”

“Andris has supported us over a number of clients, in a number of wide ranging industries, including Global Business Services provider to US/UK based Retail companies.”

Chris Ford
Chris Ford
Head of Analytics and CRO at Croud Inc. (London, UK)

On another level

“Andris’ work is on another level, and his attention to detail is second to none. He approaches every project with a fresh pair of eyes not only designing for the ideal immediate solution but also putting considerable thought into future-proofing his work often developing reusable assets while consistently mindful of best practice.”

“Andris’ work is always well received from our clients, this has led to us using Andris as an ongoing trusted resource.”

Adding value to everyone

“We knew clients could do better on their checkout experience, but had no objective way to point them the right way, nor the expertise to give the right advice to improve it.”

“Now we can give them clear audits with science-backed insights and actionable suggestions, thanks to Andris who delivers a clear package that is straightforward to arrange and easy for me to sell forward – adding value to everyone involved. I look forward to building more solutions with Andris that are similarly valuable to all parties.”

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