Employment career

I was born in Latvia, however most of my professional career has been in the UK. I’ve always had an interest in IT and design and in 2010 I started pursuing a career in web design. I started out as a self-taught, part time freelancer in Worcester, UK and I built several websites for small, local companies.

Later on, in 2012, I got my first full time job as a web designer at a big UK retailer – Halfords. Here, I gained experience in working in a corporate environment and collaborating with other teams and people. Additionally, I took several in-house courses to improve my design skills. My next position was at a tech startup – Enigma Recovery. While working there for 4 years, I became more independent and led the company’s design strategy. I also took several courses and transitioned more into product design (UX/UI). My next position was at a medium sized software development company – Mercato Solutions where I worked as a senior web designer / UI designer for over a year.

Freelancing career

While working full time, I also continued freelancing part-time. One of my biggest ongoing clients has been a global digital marketing agency – Croud. I perform UX audits and produce designs for some of their biggest clients (global, household name companies).

In 2019 I decided to commit to freelancing and contract work full-time. My biggest clients has been a UK based software development company – CSS Europe Ltd. They develop software for the healthcare industry and I helped them improve the UI and UX of their mobile and desktop products. In the spring of 2021 Google released their UX design certification programme and I was one of the first designers to complete it.

Personal life

Currently, I split my time between Latvia and the UK as I have family in both countries. My hobbies include keeping up with the latest design trends, IT and sports.

My values



I always conduct myself professionally and I believe that it is an important attribute that every designer should have. Professionalism includes good communication, adhering to deadlines and attention to detail to name a few.



I believe in being honest, ethical and keeping my word. My clients almost always ask me to sign an NDA and I have proven to my past and current clients that I always conduct myself with integrity.



No one is perfect and I can make a mistake once in a while. If this happens, I am happy to admit my fault and work hard to fix it. I am also fully transparent about the way I work (except when it concerns an NDA).

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